Over 5 days we get you exam ready for 2019 – 3 days of lectures running through the 10 topics – 2 days of exam simulations. Join us and get yourself exam ready!

01 July – Session 1: Algebra / Sequences & Series
01 July – Session 2: Functions & Finance
02 July – Session 1: Calculus / Probability
02 July – Session 2: Analytical Geometry / Statistics
03 July – Session 1: Trigonometry
03 July – Session 2: Euclidean Geometry
04 July – Session 1: Paper 1 Exam Simulation
04 July – Session 2: Paper 1 Marking Session
05 July – Session 1: Paper 2 Exam Simulation
05 July – Session 2: Paper 2 Marking Session


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021 670 9549 support@fastmaths.co.za

Venue & Schedule

Vega Schools Cape Town

Two Sessions Per Day 0900 - 1700

About the Workshop

We provide all teaching material - just bring a pencil and paper for taking notes.

We start with a 10-15min quiz to assess each student at the beginning of the workshop.

The content is then presented by our in-house intstructors where they cover the concepts required in that section.

We end with a 10-15min quiz to assess each student at the end of the workshop and field any questions students may have.

The Instructors

Farrel Strul

Farrel has been tutoring highschool maths for over 20 years. He brings his experience in raising students marks to every aspect of the workshops. He designs the material that is delivered in all the workshops.

Adam Todes

Adam has an absolute passion for Mathematics and Teaching. He follows the techniques and content created by Farrel and delivers compelling and energy filled sessions.

Content Covered

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